Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rosie the Riveter

The other day my dad called to tell me that he had just heard on the radio that the woman who was the inspiration for the image on the Rosie the Riveter poster had died. As most of you know, I have a passion for WWII propaganda posters, particularly those that support and encourage women to participate in war efforts during WWII. The story about this woman, Geraldine Doyle, is amazing, especially because she didn't find out that she was the inspiration for the poster until about forty years later.

This is the link for her obituary in the LA Times.,0,1376340.story

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Safe in Daddy's Arms

I was going through pictures from when I was younger and I came across this one. My family went to an air show and I was getting tired. My dad looks so cool in this picture. :o)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Featuring Me!

Yes this is a picture of me surrounded by my wonderful WWII books, but there is a reason for this. At the beginning of this semester, one of my friends asked me if she could interview me for the yearbook. She was doing a piece on students and where they see themselves in ten years. She wanted to ask students that she knew were planning on going on to careers that are out of the norm... like a museum curator. Ha! She talked to someone who wanted to start a church in the U.K., become the Secretary of State (which he said would take way more than ten years- more like thirty), and be on the SWAT team with the Riverside Police Department. I thought it was pretty sweet that she did this because we are used to hearing about those who want to become teachers or missionaries at our school, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with. 

So here is what was said about me: "Laura Kruse, a history major and WWII enthusiast said: 'In ten years I hope to become a head museum curator in a museum that focuses on America's historical events, such as the USS Arizona Memorial, where I interned this summer. Once I have spent years in the museum and am more experienced, I would like to open a museum dedicated to the women of the United States who have shaped our country and helped us to get where we are in America today.'"

Under my picture, which took up the whole opposite page, it said: "Laura Kruse, a history major, has an extensive collection of historical literature." Ha!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bikes and Flowers

What did the flower say to the bike?

(I read this on my Laughy Taffy wrapper)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Laura ROSE Shoes

Toms shoes decided to have a sweet shoe sale at my school a couple of weeks ago. It was fun because you could buy a pair of white Toms for twenty-five dollars, and they still sent a pair of shoes to a child in need of a pair over seas. (We got a sweet discount.) On March 26 my school gave out the shoes to us and provided us with supplies to decorate our shoes with. I was there for the about an hour and a half decorating mine. It was so fun! They gave us spray paint, paint, bubble paint, buttons, fabric, sewing stuff, stencils and other fun stuff. I decided to paint on roses using a stencil... you know, like my middle name?! Ha! I then had a little photo shoot with my shoes.

Assignment #12

In class we walked around outside and had to take a couple abstract pictures and portraits with negative space. For the assignment, I had to choose my best picture that I took in class. I also had to capture something while in motion, while making sure that there was negative space.

Cailee's shadow

The American flag's shadow blowing in the breeze

Assignment #10

(Sorry it's out of order, I forgot this one.)

We had to bring a prop to class that represented outselves and learn how to take pictures of people with a prop. I brought Bill the Duck and my professor wasn't too pleased because I had used him in another picture so not only did I have to take the two required pictures, but also a self portrait of myself. This self portrait had to have a prop that represented me... I was not to happy because I love my duck. Let's just say I had a bad day. Ha! It sucked because he wanted Laura to bring a "better" prop too. If you know Laura, a sign of the word laugh is a perfect prop.

I had to choose the best picture that I took in class and turn it in. I also had to take a picture of someone with a prop in interesting light. Then last, I had to take a self portrait of my self with a prop... how fun!

I asked Eli (4) if he could choose his favorite thing in the house what it would be and he sad books. He's too cute!My interest: Pearl Harbor... is that better?! Ha!